TUTORIAL on how to get that Smoke effect using a layer mask

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19 June 2012
Hello all I was asked a lot how I get the smoke effect on some of my photos in Photoshop so I made a tutorial for that effect please see,thanks for looking :))

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  • Crispy
    9 July 2012
    Now I understand.
  • puma0065
    22 June 2012
    thanks guys
  • Phill
    20 June 2012
    I've no more too add , I agree. Nice tutorial, Keep em coming lad :)
  • PestMaster
    20 June 2012
    Really good video. Very informative. When you first add the 2 layers you can lower the opacity of the top one to move it into a better position then return it to full opacity and continue as you have said. Nice idea of combining the wearwolf with the smoke, very nice result.

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