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Transport of delight

One of Phill's videos is about his visit to the Brooklands museum. There were some really good shots of Concorde and other aircraft and cars. The challenge is to take a picture of some form of transport.

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Excellent Shaun i love it great capture....
Jacko commented on his/her own photo
Thank you essellar for your informative comments. I did in fact stand the bottle on a black plinth, ...
essellar commented on Jacko's photo
Nice dark field shot. There is one thing you could do to improve the final product, and that's to ta...
nice ...
Ah ok I didnt maximise it, sorry. Then I guess when you see it in a smaller version that it is a bit...
Very nice Shaun....
I like the way you have got the clean crisp sharpness with this photo....
MichaelW commented on his/her own photo
Jester, thank you for your comments which I take on board. Unfortunately, I have never learned how t...
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tony tazzat
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Water Splash
© Jacko
© puma0065
Italian Cheese 2.0
© Beechman
Blue In The Wheel
© Amanda Taylor
/en/photo-gallery/Amanda Taylor/photos/10_1413668985/
Medicine Bottle
© Jacko
War Memorial St George S Park
© MichaelW
Up To The Top
© puma0065
View From Breydon Bridge
© MichaelW
curry cream soupe
© Beechman
Train Leaving Great Yarmouth
© MichaelW

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